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Terrified Japanese chick and her first zoo experience


As you can clearly tell right from the get-go, this is going to be a thoroughly humiliating experience for this Japanese hottie right here. She’s gonna suffer through a lot and she’s gonna come out on top. Kind of. Let’s start from the beginning.
It’s obvious that this her very first time getting eaten out by a dog. She’s scared shitless, she’s on the verge of tears. The dog keeps on sucking on her nipples/licking her exquisite breasts. There are some other guys in the room, cheering the dog on. They mock this babe for being that fucking frightened. They do have a point, by the way – what’s so scary about getting it on with a dog? That’s only natural, as far as we’re concerned.
After he’s done worshiping her breasts, the good boy right here, he decides to actually go down on this girl. Literally. Once he starts to eat her pussy, the action really kicks into high gear. Even if you thought the beginning was way too much, wait ’til you see what happens once the action really starts going.