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Power struggle: dog wants to be on top


There’s something inherently cute about this tiny-ass dog trying to mount a big booty beauty such as her owner. Of course, every dog wants to be the top dog, huh? Jokes aside, we are actually really anxious about this video because we think it’s one of the hottest we have ever uploaded for you.
Strap in and get ready to enjoy something completely and utterly phenomenal. As we mentioned before, the woman in this video is extra fucking thick. This girl’s ass is one of the many-many reasons why this video right here as hot as it is. There’s a scrawny brown dog that struggles to climb on top of that big booty. Alright, we’ve seen worse.
After some careful aid from the owner, the dog finally manages to stop dry-humping the air and finally slides that savage cock deep inside of that MILF pussy. From that point on, this video becomes one of the hottest that we have seen. You have almost a full minute of incredibly hard-hitting & 100% arousing bestiality action that’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes.