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Keeping her on the edge on the edge of the bed


Straight and to the point! We love videos like that. The beginning sees this curly-haired Latina’s juicy pussy getting licked by a big-dicked dog. We LOVE the video thus far. We are treated to a few close-ups. You can tell that the dog is not letting her off the hook that easy – he keeps her on the edge, he won’t let her cum until he rams that red hot cock deep inside of her greedy hole, oh no.
As devious as he is, this doggo still requires some assistance – the hottie is happy to help. That’s when the real hot penetration starts. We are seeing some of the most shameless action in history and we LOVE every second of it, seriously. After this heated exchange, the two decide to go for something more conventional, i.e. missionary. The chick spreads her legs wide apart letting the dog penetrate her deeply.
There’s something kind of romantic about this whole thing, don’t you agree? After fucking for a bit, the dog decides to lube that hole up by way of eating it. Now, after that, we’re back to ruff sex…