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Dog days aren’t over: slave-girl’s punishment


Whether you like maledom or not, you have to admit that when you throw zoo action into the mix, it becomes THAT much hotter. The first thing that we see here is a Japanese babe, collared, leashed, cuffed, what have you. The point is, she’s absolutely powerless to stop these people…. These people and those RABID fucking dogs. She assumed her position, she’s on all fours – doggy style, fittingly enough.
The dogs keep on eating her out as this unseen dude bangs her pussy with a huge-looking sex toy. How do you think she’ll fare – facing insurmountable odds such as these? Seriously, the pleasure has to be un-fucking-bearable for her.
The dogs keep on furiously licking her pussy even after she decides to lay on her back with legs spread wide apart. They show no mercy when it comes to her pussy and why would they? A stupid bitch like that deserves to be punished – even though they’re punishing her with pure pleasure. The ending sees her reach an orgasm. It was an earth-shattering climax that you would expect from a dirty, filthy slut such as this one.