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Trisha’s Encounter

Trish was always a bit on the crazy side, which was probably why I was not overly surprised when she started pushing the envelope, so to speak, when sharing our fantasies. Perhaps it was to see how far I would go to the extreme side of the erotic…or maybe just sheer, lusty curiosity. It was one of these nights that I discovered something deeper within her…a sexuality I had ne......

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My Sister’s New Lover

Fall was a welcome relief from the dog days of August and it signaled that it was time to take a break from work. I was loading my camper on to my pickup truck the day before leaving to go camping with the ides of hunting for a few days in Vermont. My younger sister DD came over to me and asked where I was going. When I told her, she asked if I would like her to go along with me by first showi......

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King of animals 07 – 05

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A young skinny girl getting fucked by a dog in the barn for the first time!.

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